Postfixadmin on iredmail with mysql backend

iredmail is very useful as even though I have set up mail servers myself I tend to struggle with it and then feel it is probably less than secure / optimal.

iredmail used to come with postfixadmin as an option , then there were some instructions on adding it, but for the last couple of years the instructions no longer work fully. postfixadmin does what I need but the free iredadmin is lacking some needed (by me) features. The pro version is very expensive and has way more features than I need.
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Nvidia – Chromium Zombie processes Arch Linux fix

When using the the Nvidia blob the Chromium (and Chrome) browser leaves zombie processes behind causing the system to slow over time. This is apparently caused by nvidia threads forking  when according to POSIX specs they probably shouldn’t, and Chromium’s custom malloc  (tmalloc) not playing nicely with this out of spec behaviour whereas the glib malloc does cope with it !
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What this blog is and isn’t

What this blog is

This blog is something I’ve been meaning to do for a very long time.

I’ve been messing around with Linux, servers and websites for years. Some parts come easy, some parts I have trouble with. Some things I (almost) always remember, some things I never do.

So I intend to record ‘snippets’ of information, as and when I come across them, which I believe I may find helpful to myself in the future. So that I don’t have to go google hunting for the same  information every time I encounter the same problem.

If anyone else come across this blog and it helps them all good. But it probably won’t.

What this blog isn’t

A step by step guide on anything.

Guaranteed to be accurate.

Well written.


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