Nvidia – Chromium Zombie processes Arch Linux fix

When using the the Nvidia blob the Chromium (and Chrome) browser leaves zombie processes behind causing the system to slow over time. This is apparently caused by nvidia threads forking  when according to POSIX specs they probably shouldn’t, and Chromium’s custom malloc  (tmalloc) not playing nicely with this out of spec behaviour whereas the glib malloc does cope with it !

I don’t expect it to be fixed in a hurry as it’s a your bug not mine scenario and possibly a bit of a “well it’s your fault for using the blob , what  did you expect ?”

Thankfully there is an easy fix on Arch Linux and am sure Gentoo as well

Compile from ABS but edit the PKGBUILD to include this declaration in the gyp defines.


Goes right under


But don’t forget to add a \ after -Ddisable_sse2=1

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